malia - kids doll

Malia - Kids Doll

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Brown. 18 inches. Meet Malia. She’s a kids doll, 18″ with beautiful brown eyes and real kinky curly hair. She has a half-cloth body, movable head, and limbs made of smooth vinyl. She speaks 20 empowering phrases.

1. You are beautiful
2. You are capable
3. You are powerful
4. Dream Big
5. The sky is the limit
6. You are creative
7. You are deserving
8. You are unstoppable
9. Never give up
10. You are fierce
11. Be confident
12. Believe in yourself
13. Love yourself
14. You are incredible
15. You can be whatever you want to be
16. Respect yourself
17. You are strong
18. You are unique
19. You make a difference
20. Your complexion is beautiful